Technology The technology and applications used in the UFO ticketing platform system is tightly integrated and offer some distinctive features

  • UFO ticketing platform exchange system is a patented system.
  • The systems and applications used in UFO ticketing platform exchange are ISO 27001 compliant.
  • All Point of Sale (POS) systems are backward integrated with UFO ticketing platform exchange data center through VSAT connectivity and all data and information flow happens through secure satellite network. A comprehensive licensing policy is also in place for the ticketing system
  • Firewall is used for the system to prevent any data theft and load balancer is used for optimal resource utilization.
  • The prestigious global consulting firm Ernst & Young advises on UFO ticketing platform security features and implementation.
  • An authorized virtual certificate from UFO ticketing platform exchange is required by all stakeholders for logging in and accessing the relevant information.
  • The data access policy to different users are well defined and key information are encrypted (Coded) for security
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UFO ticketing platform powered by IMPACT
UFO ticketing platform Suite is an Initiative launched by UFO Moviezand strives to streamlinethe Commerce in the movie industry value chain by providing a common and easy to use platform for trade.
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