UFO ticketing platform Exchange
UFO ticketing platform exchange is an electronic settlement platform which aids the film industry to be used in commercial transactions among the various stakeholders of the industry. It aims to achieve transparency, convenience and ease in commercial transactions.
The exclusive features of the system sets it apart from other ticketing systems making it a unique platform for integrated platform.

All components of the system are tightly integrated and connected through Satellite over a secured network.
The Box Office Console (!Ticketing) is backward integrated with UFO ticketing platform exchange through a VSAT connection.
The system records and makes ticket sales data available online, on real time basis, to Producers, Distributors, Exhibitors and Government.
Ticket sales can be monitored easily from the remote locations.
Deals are easily created and managed between the content provider (Producer, Distributor) and Content User (Exhibitor)

Challenges-Indian Film Industry
India’s Film industry is one of the largest in the world and produces more than 1000 movie per year and over 3 billion movie goers annually.

The industry is also highly fragmented with independent producers and single screen theaters dominating the value chain. High entertainment taxes and long theatrical windows, eventually makes India a highly under-screened and under priced market. Consequently, a significant lack of a dependable and organized platform for commercial settlement is seen amongst the stakeholders.
The whole scenario throws some of the key challenges to the whole industry, which includes.
  • A lack of governance and accountability making the whole system commercially non transparent, because industry statistics are sometimes unreliable and skewed.
  • Revenue leakages at different sources due to unreported and unaccounted sales from many private and small time exhibitors.
  • There is a need for Business Intelligence for the whole process, but lack of statistical and factual data become deterrent.
  • Continuous revenue degradation happens due to fragmented number of participants across the movie Value Chain.
  • Ticket sales data across the value chain is non transparent results in unreported revenues.
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UFO ticketing platform powered by IMPACT
  • Guaranteed Automatic Settlement on closure of sales
  • Credit Management Integrated with Ticket Sales
  • Dashboards, reports, alerts and analytics
    • Role based Dashboards
    • Movie Based Reports
    • Meta Data Based Reports
  • Comprehensive Real Time Accounting
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