About IMPACT Exchange

Although the film industry is 100 years old, transactions are still done in old ways. UFO ticketing platform (Integrated Media PACT) is a first of its kind settlement platform, launched by Valuable Technologies Ltd (VTL) aiming to install computerized ticketing system with VSAT connectivity in theatres to make the sales data accessible real time to all stakeholders in the film industry.

This will institute transparency and honesty in recording and declaration of ticket sales with the result that UFO ticketing platform equipped cinemas will begin to build the confidence of distributors for movie releases in these theatres, and the government would start to realize higher revenues because of the transparency of the system.

The Company in its role as a settlement exchange is mediating the transaction between the exhibition centers on the one hand, and the government and the distributors on the other hand, in consideration of a nominal settlement fee to be paid by the distributors and the government and with a small equipment fee from the exhibitors.